The Creeping Man

Thrill Behind Barks is a trio of ne'erdowells from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who share a predilection for recording avant-guard, experimental soundscapes. In adition to The Creeping Man, the other two-thirds of TBB includes:

  • Minneapolis producer Jason Herrboldt. Jason has been recording dark ambient, synthwave, and minimal techno since 2007. If you feel like puttin' on your dancing shoes, check out his high-octane alter ego Orbr for pulsating drum & bass originals and remixes sure to melt your face. (Orbr is not responsible for face melting or any other waxlike effects you may suffer as a result from cueing up any of his tracks.)
  • St. Paul's Divider Line. Divider Line has been channeling his inner Genesis P. Orridge into a series of distortion-fed growly industrial/electronic/noise singles and EP's for the better part of four years. Armed with minimal gear (VCV Rack, Teenage Engineering Pocket Calculators and a vintage 80's-era Casio sampling keyboard), Divider Line expertly exposes the dark underbelly of electronic music. Grab some Tylenol. 

After hitting it off in the Bandcamp ether-world, these three sluggards joined forces in March/April 2020, recording, mixing, sampling, deconstructing, re-mixing, obliterating, and generally abusing each others' wav files until they bled electronic noise.

Combining influences that include Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Andrew Liles, Nurse With Wound, The the, The Art of Noise, Yello, Yaz, Gary Numan, Suicide, Bessie Jones, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thrill Behind Barks' Three In a Cell is an eleven track melange of savory weirdness, which can be had at the group's Bandcamp page.