The Creeping Man

The following is a comprehensive discography of The Creeping Man's output.





Track Name/date/compilation name/label:

  • Ten Penny/ February 2018/ The Fencepost Reclamation Project Volume 4/ <1
  • Tuesday 14.487/ April 2020/ Renumbered/ <1
  • Run Like Hell, Ken/ September 2020/ Pile/ Pile Records
  • Roomfuls of Incredulous Men/ September 2020/ The Inventor's Dilemma Remixes/ No label
  • Icebarrow/ December 2020/ Isolation Collective: Advent/ No label
  • The Empty Life/ January 2021/ Noisembrowl #1/ Owripper Recordings
  • Return to Bradbury Landing/ September 2021/ The Diary of Mars: Week 6/No Label
  • I've Got a Secret/ October 2021/ Music for Mental Health/ Hrea'm Recordings
  • A Veneer of Patience/ January 2022/ Still Ill/ Vital Things
  • A Gathering of Somnambulists/ March 2022/ The Diary of Mars: Week 8/ No label
  • A Sly Touch at Times/ March 2022/Shadowlands #1/ Owlripper Recordings
  • Meet Me at the Docking Port/ Unreleased/ The Diary of Mars: Week 9/ No label
  • Splintered Remix/ Unreleased/ Seven Whores EP/ No label


  • THE SEVEN WHORES OF THE APOCALYPSE is an ongoing electro-industrial project that sees  The Creepng Man, Divider Line, and Jason Herrboldt crafting throbbing, dancable darkwave tracks for your next underground rave.
  • THRILL BEHIND BARKS is a one-off noise/musique concrete/sound collage experiment, a collaboration with Divider Line and Jason Herrboldt. The album Three in a Cell was self-released in April of 2020.