The Creeping Man

The Fencepost Reclamation Project is an open-ended remix project of original Fencepost material (dark ambient, drone, field recordings) originally released by Evelyn Records in 2002. Volume 4, on which the track Ten Penny  appears, was released by <1 Records in February 2018.

Renumbered is another <1 remix/reintrepertation project of shortwave station recordings originally contained on the Conet Project. Two  Creeping Man tracks appear: Tuesday 14.487 and Thursday 16.236. 

The Creeping Man can be found on various compilations scattered across the internet...

I recorded Run Like Hell, Ken, for a 29-track compilation of experimental, noise, and electro-acoustic sounds put out in September 2020 by Pile Records. The album, Pile features tracks by Halaka, Apertome, Lampeo, Algebra Project, Emo Trash Project, and Manko Force, among others. It's available at Bandcamp for free streaming and download, so you should check it out.

Fellow Mpls./St. Paul artist Jason Herrboldt has been recording electronic music since 2007. Drum and Bass? Check. Experimental? Check. Dark ambient? Check.  In September 2020 he released The Inventor's Dilemma, nine tracks of dark, experimental soundscapes. There is a companion to this release, appropriately titled The Inventor's Dilemma Remixes. I took the track Roomfuls of Incredulous Men and deconstructed it into a minimal techno-y thing. I didn't make a full-length video, so this one-minute Instagram jobbie will have to suffice.

Icebarrow, a sparse new Creeping Man soundscape, is available on the Isolation Collective Compilation album Advent, released through Lonetapes on Bandcamp. Please check out the entire album--a free download--filled with lovely experimental, drone, and ambient tracks.