The Creeping Man

Nothing to be Afraid Of

The Creeping Man's sixth independent release  (April 2020) features heavy use of a new toy in TCM's knob-twiddling arsenal--the Elektron Digitakt. This is the first TCM release where parts of tracks were recorded on a digital audio workstation, namely for a pitch-shifting feature not found on the Tascam Portastudio standalone recorder. Nothing to be Afraid Of returns to TCM's love of atmospheric sound collage, drones, and electronic minimalism.

The full ten track release, clocking in at 33 minutes, can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp.  Here's a taste of what Nothing to be Afraid Of has to offer--the last track, The Marks of Death.


A Hit and Miss Proposition

A Hit and Miss Proposition is a three track e.p. released the summer of 2019. While The Creeping Man is known for experimental, dark ambient sound collage, he also enjoys downtempo electronica. This is TCM's excursion into lazy, mellow grooves.

This e.p. is a DAWless recording that features the Korg Electribe Sampler 2, the Electribe, and the Monologue. The Strymon Big Sky reverb adds a little shimmer to the proceedings. As always, this can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

The following promotional video features snippets of the songs Glass Jaw, Haymaker, and Down and Out.

The Complete Handbook of Oppositional Defiant Disorder

The summer of 2019 was a productive one for The Creeping Man. His most popular release to date, "Handbook" blends sound collage and musical aesthetics into a seven track, 22-minute sortie. Check out a couple of the tracks below and the Instagram promo video...

All tracks are free to download on The Creeping Man's Bandcamp page


Metalworks is the most ambient TCM release to date. Recorded in the dead of winter 2018 at

a home studio in Minneapolis, this DAWless 4-track e.p. clocks in at just under 20 minutes.

Here is the entire album. Enjoy.

File Error

Midland 13-885

File Error is considered the first true Creeping Man release. This three track e.p. of dark atmospheres was recorded in the summer of 2018 using a batch of new hardware: Novation Circuit,  Roland Scooper, Roland System-1, Bastle Kastle, Bastle Bitranger, Strymon Big Sky, and bits and pieces of ephemeral audio from the public domain. DAWless recording on a Tascam Portastudio.

Prior to File Error, The Creeping Man was more focused on minimal techno sounds, recording--and failing quite a bit--as he learned his way around drum machines and synths. This e.p. marked a shift in focus to more dark ambient soundscapes, although from time to time in later sound excursions you will hear some beats rise to the surface.

Seven Percent

Seven Percent culls a few highlights between 2015 - 2018 that Chris Campbell recorded before deciding upon The Creeping Man identity. These eight tracks, with perhaps the exception of JBS, were more personal sound discoveries rather than fully formed and realized recordings. Nevertheless, they mark a desire to return to the experimental recording Campbell did back in the late 1980's to early 1990's.  The aforementioned JBS track is an homage to the one-man Wisconsin recording artist Joy Before The Storm, who through two independent cassette only releases thirty years ago made an indelible mark in the future Creeping Man's psyche.

The Crimson Executioner

Cassettes Now Available!

Due to tepid demand, The Creeping Man is now offering cassettes from the back catalog.  File Error and Metalworks, two e.p.'s from 2018, are combined onto one orange-tinted cassette, titled, interestingly enough, File Error / Metalworks. 

The second cassette is the full release of 2019's The Complete Handbook of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Both limited edition tapes come in handmade J-cards and are packaged with random paraphernalia culled from various Creeping Man art projects. Visit the merch page for more information.


Below are two Instagram videos created to promote Knobs: the first is an offer to receive a FREE Knobs cassette tape. Watch the video to see how to get yours.

The second is a general Knobs promotional video. 

The seventh Creeping Man release is finally here. Knobs is a ten-track, 40 minute odyssey into experimental soundscapes.  This was a fun project to pull together--many hours were spent poring through public domain movies and filmstrips to find suitably odd spoken word samples to complement each track. Shortened videos will be uploaded each Tuesday on the Creeping Man Instagram page. Full-length videos will appear on this page, uploaded about once per week. Knobs, like other Creeping Man releases, can be downloaded for free on The Creeping Man's Bandcamp page. 

How to Say No

I Shoulda Gone Home

After the Tiramisu

Rot and Decay

Paul Whiteman


Join The Ceeping Man as he deconstructs and re-arranges the audio from two long-forgotten B-films that have fallen in the public domain into a 36 minute minimalistic, dark ambient sound stew.

Lady Frankenstein is an Italian 1971 horror film starring Joseph Cotten (who performed brilliantly in the Alfred Hitchcock classic Shadow of a Doubt), Mickey Hargitay (father of Mariska Hargitay, star of Law and Order: SVU), and Rosalba Neri, known for her many erotic European B-

film roles in the 60's and 70's.

Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory is a campy Italian 1961 horror flick best viewed with a couple of gin and tonics. Perhaps the biggest item to note is one of the female leads, Barbara Lass, was the first wife of Roman Polanski.

Fringe tosses the audio from each film into the Creeping Man blender--the result of which is a mellow, minimalistic soundscape best listened to alone and in the dark.

Fringe is available at Bandcamp for free streaming and download. The Creeping Man is proud to offer a limited run of cassettes, presented in a one-of-a-kind vinyl storage album, as well. See the Creeping Man's Bandcamp page for more details.

New Track Available on Owlripperrecordings!

Head on over to Owlripperrecordings for Noisembryowl #1, a 38-track compilation of some serious experimental noise. 23 artists from 11 countries are featured on this gem, including a new Creeping 

Man recording, "The Empty Life."

The track finds inspiration from the 1961 film, "Boredom at Work: The Empty Life." Sounds from the film were sampled into the recording and used for the video.

Just Released on Bandcamp!

Stills from some of the videos.

Full-length videos are on The Creeping Man's YouTube page.

Cassettes are available! Check out The Creeping Man's bandcamp page!

Track Listing

1. Swell People                         

2. The Empty Life

3. A Sad Time

4. Jane Devours the Magic Clown

5. Daughter of the Green Lights

6. You Become a Call Girl

7. She's Built (Like a Bicycle)

8. Wonderful World

9. Age 13

10. Steve's a Wanker

11. (All Girls Are) Different ((Female Reproductive 

     Mechanism Mix))

12. (All Girls Are) Different ((Outside of the Body 

     Remix)) (Bonus Track)

WIDOWER: Reflective meditations of a lonely soul on a life half lived, at the tail end of existence. A soundtrack for somber, isolated evenings.

THERMAL FATIGUE MACHINE is now available through Hrea'm Recordings!

Thermal Fatigue Machine is an eleven track excursion into dark ambient soundscapes that fuses manipulated hardware synths and audio from public domain filmstrips from a long-forgotten era.

Full videos for all tracks can be found on The Creeping Man's YouTube page. Below are a few highlights. Enjoy!

Below are a few teaser trailers for Thermal Fatigue Machine...

** NEW E.P. **

WE ALL THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE, an eight-track, 25 minute digital release is NOW available via the upstart experimental micro label MONO TIME.  Dark, brooding, and eerie, WATYSL continues the Creeping Man excursion into the ether. Check it out the entire album here.  And enjoy the videos:


The "Compilation" page has been updated in the 'Projects' tab above. I've posted details about three new tracks coming up on various compilations.

October 13, 2021: Last spring, I collaborated with Colorado-based recording guru Naviskie on a field recording project that turned out extremely well. The result: YOU PLAY THE BLACK AND THE RED COMES UP,  is a 40-minute experimental sound collage that will be released on limited edition cassette at the lovely

                                            label based in Falmouth, 

                                            UK on October 22nd.

There is a wonderful preview/review that just posted on The Fringes of Sound website: 

October 10, 2021

A new Creeping Man track, "I've Got a Secret," appears on the Music for Mental Health compilation over at Hrea'm Recordings.  Proceeds from this album will be donated to Mind UK. Please hit the Hrea'm link and check it out!

Another release this month from Dub Cthonic Records, this album is a collaboration between two artists separated by hundreds of miles: Colorado-based Naviski (Tm Novak) and Minnesota-based The Creeping Man (Chris Campbell). The idea behind this collaboration was to send a series of field recordings to one another to be turned into full soundscapes through various methods of addition and manipulation. The end result is nothing short of of mesmerizing and bizarre. Simple and unexceptional pieces of audio are transformed into haunting sonorities that range from calm yet dour to intense and slightly overwhelming. The collaboration somewhat neatly lines up along the midpoint with Campbell taking over from Novak, although it seems impossible to tell where one artist's influence ends and the other begins. (Pre-order is currently not available, but you can save the link below to order on digital and cassette tape upon release.)

Stay tuned for videos and further updates.

October 22, 2021:

You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up is now available at the wonderful Dub Cthonic label!

November 5, 2021:

New rumblings...I am collaborating with experimental sound artist Metrical Dimensions. This dude makes circuit bent noise boxes and other sonic wonders. Check out his Etsy shop.

I'd expect a cassette and digital self-release, perhaps end of December 2021/early January 2022.

Here's a quick sneak peak of one of the tracks. We don't even have a name for it yet!

More details to come!

Metrical Dimensions